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For almost 30 years, Indiana Secondary Market for Education Loans, Inc. (ISM) has been working to improve opportunities for Indiana citizens to obtain a postsecondary education. Working with Indiana schools and financial institutions, ISM played a leading role in increasing borrower benefits for Indiana students and families.

This is not the first time ISM’s presence in the Indiana education finance arena has helped Hoosiers get an education. In cooperation with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, ISM funds E-Transcript© , an effort to create a paperless transcript exchange process between Indiana high schools and postsecondary institutions.

ISM also is helping fund the Indiana Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathetmatics education project (STEM) and a pilot project that establishes a mentoring program for middle school students. Since its founding in 1980, Indiana citizens have been the beneficiary of over $54 million in education projects funded by ISM.


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ISM Education Loans provides students and families a variety of information and solutions for paying for higher education with the least debt possible. We’ve been doing this in many different ways for over 30 years!

Whether you’re a student or parent looking for information about how to pay for college, a lender considering working with ISM to help families, as a current investor, or just interested in more information on ISM, welcome! Please choose a tab below or contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.


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ISM Education Loans has been partnering with banks to help Hoosier students for over 3 decades. Partnership opportunities exist for lenders interested in working with ISM to assist families with access AND success in education.

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When you’ve exhausted all other funding options, the ISM Student Loan Marketplace is designed to provide you with everything you need to make the best, most informed decision about education loans.

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ISM has partnered with First Merchant's Bank, Aspire Resources Inc., and Iowa Student Loan to offer the HELP loan. ISM encourages students and families to work closely with the financial aid office at the college they're attending.

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You’re about to embark on the most important journey of your life. ISM College Planning has a variety of tools and guidance that will help you make informed choices to finish college with minimum debt.